Sprecher + Schuh


CA5 Series Contactors

The CA5 Series contactors have a large horsepower performance and are designed 40 % smaller than a traditional contactor of its rating. This line provides easy inspection, contact replacement and coil change out. The CA5 Series includes of four contactors in two frame sizes covering motors from 500 to 900 HP at 460V/575V. The CA5 Series is applicable for utilizing large machinery and equipment such as rock quarries and mines or large horsepower applications.

CA7 Series Contactors

The CA7 Series contactor features mechanically linked contacts to ensure the auxiliary contacts don’t change state when coil power is removed and the device tries to open. The CA7 is flexible power contactor that is designed to meet the highest industrial requirements.

The CAL7 Series lighting contactors are designed for a wide variety of lighting loads. This series is best for suiting high inrush currents and other non-motor (resistive) loads. Mechanical and electric held modules are available for lighting load application up to 20A, 30A and 60A.

CA8 Series Contactors

The CA8 Series of miniature contactors and starters can help provide an extreme compact method of controlling motors of 7.5 HP or less (@460V).

CDP2 Series Definite Purpose Contactors

CDP2 Series is designed for commercial applications including air conditioning, refrigeration, resistive heating and several other applications. These devices are applicable for electrical and mechanical requirements as defined by definite purpose contactor standards. CDP2 Series contactors consists of 1-4 pole contactors rated to 600V AC. The three pole devices range to 90A, 1-2 pole models are 40A rated and 4 pole models are available in 25A-40A ratings.

CAN7/CAN6 Series

NEMA Labeled Contactors – Series CAN7/CAN6

Application Notes:
– NEMA contactors are UL Listed and rated in accordance with the requirements of NEMA standards publication ICS-2. These contactors are labeled for applications that require compliance with NEMA standards.
– Sizes are based on standard NEMA classifications.
– Easy coil change and contact replacement. See page A62 for CA(N)7 coils and pages A106-107 for CA(N)6 coils and contacts.*
– Snap-on auxiliary contact blocks available in many configurations. See pages A52-53 (CAN7) and page A104 (CA[N]6).*
– Available as open units or in NEMA 1, 3R, 4, 4X and 12 enclosures

Motor Controllers & Circuit Breakers

KT7 Series Motor Circuit Controllers

Sprecher + Schuh’s KT7 series Motor Circuit Controllers provide convenient varieties of control schemes that reduce panel space and make up for easy installation. KT7 Series is designed to be used in a wide variety of different applications.

Series Included:
– KTA7 & KTA3-100 Series
– KTC7 Series
– KTB7 Series

Applications Include:
– Manuel Starter Applications
– Traditional Group Motor Applications with compliance to the new Tap Conductor Ratings
– Motor Disconnect Applications
– Self-Protected Manual Combination Starter Applications (Type E)
– Individual Combination Starter Applications (Type E/F)
– Multi-motor Starter Combination Applications (Type E/F)
– Short Circuit Protection
– Thermal Overload Protection

Functions Include:
– Current  limiting short circuit protection
– Class 10 thermal overload protection
– Switching and Signaling

KTU7 Series Molded Case Circuit Breakers

The KTU7 Series of UL Molded Case Circuit Breakers are UL489 and CE listed for global applications. KTU7 is a current limiting circuit breaker that provides fixed short circuit and overcurrent protection. This component offers high interrupting ratings for 2- and 3-pole devices, from 0.5 to 20A and are rated up to 15A.

Applications Include:
– Feeder Circuits included for:
– Small cabinets
– Distribution panels
– Branch circuit protection
– Transformers
– Heaters
– Control Circuits included for:

– Control circuit transformers
– Power supplies
– Industrial Heating applications
– Air conditioning and refrigeration applications

KT4 Manual Motor Starters

The KT4 is a manual motor starter which features switching, thermal overload protection and control circuit signaling all in one compact unit. This component offers a high speed magnetic trip mechanism which limits the let-through current under short-circuit conditions. The KT4 can be supplied with field installable shunt trip or under voltage trip unit which exceeds the capabilities of the classic manual motor starter.

Accessories Include:
– Auxiliary Contact Blocks
– Shunt trip and Undervoltage Release Modules
– Enclosures
– Compact Bus Bar System

Features Include:
– Class 10
– Automatic ambient temperature
– Short circuit protection
– Thermal overload protection

Pilot Devices

D7 Series Pushbuttons

The D7 series pushbuttons are come in two different types to meet each application. Both operators are designed for harsh environments and deliver a high performance.

The D7P operator is a black plastic with a captive bezel and are constructed with high-grade thermoplastics that allow for the device to with stand harsh environments. The D7M operator is designed for more tough applications. The D7M is die-cast metal with a shiny metal captive bezel, and has a chrome plated finish. These devices are made easy for installation and offers an anti-rotation tab which keeps the front elements from turning or falling off the control panel. A central mounting ring is also applied for quick installation and removal.  All back-of-panel components including contact blocks and power module elements snap-on and are accessible and interchangeable without removing pilot device from the panel.

D7 Pushbutton Series Features:
– Tool-less mounting latch (plastic or metal)
– Easy installation
– Mounting is quick, reliable and strong
– Long electrical and mechanical life (500,000 cycles at 3A to ten million at 0.1A)
– Self-cleaning contacts
– IP66 Protection against submersion, oil and dirt
– Heavy-Duty Ratings- UL46E, NEMA A600 and Q600 listed
– 10 Amp continuous current rating for all industrial control needs
– Screw-less terminals  available
– Latch mounted screw type dual circuit contact block available
– Molded inscription caps/diffuser
– Laser engraved caps/diffuser
– Touch-safe component with IP20 protection
– 11-year LED Module
– Colored lenses and caps available in many colors

D7 Series Selector Switches

The D7 series selector switches come in:
– Two-Position, Non-Illuminated
– Three-Position, Non-Illuminated
– Four-Position, Non-Illuminated
– Two-Position, Illuminated
– Three-Position, Illuminated
– Two-Position Key Operated
– Three-Position Key Operated

Example of D7P and D7M Two-Position Selector Switches, Non-Illuminated

D7 Series Indicating Lights

The D7 series indicating lights are available in plastic or metal with a diffuser style lens and a metal or plastic mounting latch. Lens color are available in, amber, green, red, yellow, blue or clear.

Separate Component Features:
– Plastic or Metal operator with blank diffuser
– Laser engraved inscription diffuser caps
– Tool-less mounting latch
– Power module, incandescent or LED
– Lamps, incandescent or neon
– Replacement color lens cap with blank diffuser

D7 Series Reset Operators

The D7 series reset operators are available in plastic or metal with “R” for reset and come in white, black or blue. Rod lengths vary from, 1.57” to 12.85”.

Disconnect Switches

L7 Series Motor Disconnect Switches

The L7 series motor disconnect switches are compact, reliable and ideal for disconnect applications including motor disconnects per UL-508 Part III.  This series are available in four frame sizes up to 100 amps. The smaller L7s come in six pole models and three pole changeover switches. The L7 series is a full line of switch handles and accessories including auxiliary contact blocks. These disconnect switches are designed to tackle any disconnect duty.

L7 Features:
– IP20 Touch Safe
– Modular, flexible and easy assembly
– Universal frame sizes to fit every auxiliary contact block
– Metal and plastic shaft extension system for most panel depths
– UL listed (UL508, Part III)
– CSA approved
– C22.2 No. 14
– CE and IEC 947-1
– Internationally standard approved

L11 Series Disconnect Switches

The L11 series disconnect switches are fusible and non-fusible switches which complies with UL98 service entrance requirements and it is NFPA 79 complaint. This series is suitable for applications that require small panel space and short circuit protection. L11 disconnect switches are rated up to 60A and can be operated up to 600V. They protect motors up to 30HP at 460V and can be installed on circuits that deliver up to 200,000A of short circuit fault current levels. These rod-operated disconnect switches incorporate removable fuse carriers with optional neon blown fuse indicator carrier.

L11 Series Features:
– UL98 circuit protection
– Short circuit protection for downstream equipment
– Modular universal internal handle for test mode use
– UL508 and NFPA 79 compliance
– Removable fuse carriers with dead-front switch protection during fuse change-out
– UL Listed, CSA, CE, IEC 947-3, and applicable NEMA requirements

L10 Series Disconnect Switches

The L10 series disconnect switches are fusible and non-fusible switches that are rated to 400A and operated at up to 600V. These disconnect switches require small panel space and short circuit protection. L10 disconnects are capable of protecting motors up to 250HP at 460V and are able to deliver 100,000A of short circuit fault current. L10 series are designed to provide short-circuit protection for downstream equipment. This series is suitable for use in service entrance applications. Universal auxiliary blocks fit all frame sizes; frame sizes use same operating handles and shafts. On-board fuse carriers also eliminate the need for extra components while reducing panel space requirements. L10 disconnect switches are UL98, UL Listed, CSA and are engineered to meet IEC 947-3, and applicable NEMA requirements.

Overload Relays

CEP7 Series Solid State Overload Relays for Motor Protection

CEP7 solid state overload relays are available in three models:
– CEP7-ED1- Class 10 with manual reset which is available up to 45 amperes. This covers the most common horsepower motors and can be used for everyday applications.
– CEP7-EE- Class (10, 15, 20 & 30), 3-phase application overload relay with automatic/manual reset.
– CEP7S-EE- Is a 1-phase application overload relay with features from a 3-phase CEP7-EE model.

Sprecher + Schuh’s second generation solid state relays feature:
– Wide current adjustment range
– Selectable tripping class
– Mechanical and electrical mounting
– Self-sealed latching mechanism
– Robust self-powered designed for convenience
– Phase failure protection
– Conventional for project applications

CEP7 offers additional protection with side mount modules. Side mount modules provide motor protection for functionality. Features include:
– Remote Reset
– Jam Protection/Remote Reset
– Ground Fault Protection/Remote Reset
– PTC Thermistor Relay/Remote Reset
– Network Communication Modules

CT7N Series Bimetallic Overload Relays for Motor Protection

The CTN7 bimetallic overload relay line features:
– Consistent and reliable protection
– Class 10 characteristics
– Protection from single phase conditions
– Ambient temperature compensation
– Single phase applications
– Selectable manual or automatic reset modes.
– Separate NO signal contact
– Direct close-couple connect for CA7 contactors.

CT8 Series Thermal Overload Relays for Motor Protection

The CT8 thermal overload relay line is features:
– “Differential tripping”
– Automatic/Manual reset modes
– Isolated alarm circuit contacts
– Consistent and reliable protection
– Class 10 characteristics
– Protection from single phase conditions
– Ambient temperature compensation
– Single Phase applications
– Fail-safe “trip-free” design
– Selectable lever for manual or automatic reset modes
– Separate NO signal contact

Accelerated tripping for single phase conditions

Softstarter Controllers

PCS Series Softstarter Controller

The PCS series softstarter controller is Sprecher + Schuh’s solid-state control that is designed to start 3-phase motors up to 400HP @ 460V / 500HP @ 575V.  PCS softstarters are available in four different starting modes:
– Soft Start
– Soft Start with Selectable Kick-Start
– Current Limit Starting
– Soft Start with Soft Stop

PCS Softstarters come in three different frame sizes and are available from 200V-600V:
– 3A-37A
– 43A-85A
– 108A-480A

This component features:
– Compact
– Conventional and easy to operate
– DIN-rail mountable for models up to 85A
– For use anywhere
– Easy set-up
– Built-in Overload Protection
– Equipped with Bypass Contactor
– Over Temperature Protection
– Phase Reversal Protection
– Phase Loss/Open Load
– Phase Imbalance
– Shorted SCR
– Push to Test

PF Series Softstarter Controller

The PF Series Softstarter controllers provide performance, flexibility and a modular compact design for controlling either a standard squirrel-cage induction motor or a star-delta motor. There are seven standard and two optional modes within one controller.

Standard Modes of Operation Include:
– Soft Start with selectable kick start
– Current Limit Starting
– Linear speed acceleration
– Full voltage starting
– Dual ramp start
– Preset slow speed
– Soft Stop

Optional Modes of Operation Include:
– Pump Control
– Brake Control-Smart Motor Brake, Acc-stop and Slow Speed with Breaking

Product Features Include:
– Built-in SCR Bypass/Run Contactor
– Built-in Electronic Motor Overload Protection
– CT one each phase
– LCD Display
– Keypad programming
– Four programming Auxiliary Contacts

Control & Timing Relays

CS7 Industrial Control Relays

CS7 General Purpose Industrial Control Relays are compared to the design of Sprecher + Schuh’s CA7 contactor range. These components are designed for heavy duty industrial control applications. CS7 relays are engineered for quick and easy installation and maintenance. All components are modular and snap-on without tools. These relays are DIN-rail mountable so the can be installed, transferred or removed quickly. Relays include fittings for base mounting and terminals are marked and ready for easy, efficient installation. CS7 relays are suitable for fail-safe control circuits and are mechanically linked contacts for safety.

CS8 Industrial Control Relays

The CS8 is a miniature relay system that is built with several advantages. The structure of the device is strong and durable and DIN-rail mountable for instant installation.

Features Include:
– cULus Listed
– CE Certified
– Finger and back of hand protection to meet international standards
– Auxiliary components all to convert the basic four pole relay up to an 8 pole relay
– Auxiliary contacts are modular and snap-on

RZ7-FS Electronic Timing Relays

The RZ7-FS precision electronic relays offer up to 19 different output functions which can apply to all types of industrial control. This system is engineered with solid state electronics, controlled by a microprocessor. This component is supplied with one single pole double throw (SPDT) contact within a compact case only 22.5 mm wide. Several relays are available that provide two separate, electrically isolated SPDT contacts within the same narrow footprint if more contacts are needed.

Features Include:
– AC and DC supply voltages
– LED indicators for four output status conditions
– Finger and back of hand protection to IP40
– Terminals are captive and supplied in the open position
– All RZ7 timing relays can be surface mounted, rail mounted or mounted directly on the CA7/CS7 or CA4/CS4 devices
– Mountable in any plane
– Terminals, setting knob and LED’s are all on the front of the unit for easy access
– Timing Relays are compact and measure 1” x 3” x 4”
– Hazardous location timing relays also available

RZ7-FE Electronic Timing Relays

Sprecher + Schuh’s RZ7-FE Electronic Timing Relays offer seven output functions. This series is designed for high quality applications.

Timing Formats Include:
– ON-Delay
– Off-Delay
– Wye-Delta
– One Shot
– Symmetric flasher starting with a pulse
– Impulse Converter
– Fleeting-Off Delay

All RZ7-FE series timing relays are built with solid state surface mounted electronics. This series provides surge voltage strength, and universal voltage capabilities. The RZ7-FE timing relays operate with multiple supply voltages ranging from 24VAX or DC to 240 VAC. Voltage function reliability is from 15 % under rated operating voltage to 10 % over rated operating voltage (AC). Voltage tolerance is greater in DC applications. The RZ7-FE series provides choices between one normally open contact (NO), or on single pole double throw contact (SPDT). The SPDT can be used either normally open or normally closed. This version has several technical advantages that include shorter impulse duration requirements and a fast recovery time.

Safety Features Include:
– LED Indicator for output status conditions
– Finger and back of hand protection IP40
– Terminals are captive and supplied in the open position
– Surface mounted, rail mounted and direct mounting for CA7/CS7 devices
– Mounted to any plane
– Terminals, setting knob and LED’s are accessible from the front of unit
– Timing relays are compact and measure 1” x 3” x 3”

Rotary Cam Switches

L2 Series Rotary Cam Switches

The L2 rotary cam switches are available for full control and load applications up to 25 amps. This line provides standard and non-standard configurations, modular and safety features for any application. The L2 control and load switches are UL listed, CSA approved and comply with the most important international standards.

Applications Include:
– Control Switches
– Motor Switches
– Multi-Position Load Switches
– Motor Load Disconnect Switches
– Emergency OFF Switches

R-Line Series Rotary Cam Switches

The R-Line rotary cam switches are available for most standard and non-standard configurations and control applications up to 40 amp. R-Line control and load switches comply with international standards such as:

– Changeover Switches
– ON/OFF Switches
– Multi-Position Load Switches
– Motor Load Disconnect Switches
– Reversing Switches
– Wye-Delta Switches

These components are designed from brass and copper content to help dissipate heat. The “strip-free” saddle-clamp terminals guarantee reliable connections. “Ring-tongue” connectors can be installed to assure the tightest connection. There are several various switch handles to choose form that offer IP66 protection.

Circuit Protection

L8 Series Supplementary Protectors

Sprecher + Schuh’s L8 series protectors provide supplemental over-current protection for control circuits, solenoids, actuators, appliances, business equipment and a several other applications. These are designed for high performance current limiting devices for equipment installations global. The L8 series supplementary protectors are available in 20 different current ratings from 0.5A to 63A, in one, two or three pole configurations and have over 180 full compliment base model accessories. These devices can be used in applications up to 480V AC and 48V DC with interrupting capacities up to 10kA.

Safety Features Include:
– IP20 protection
– Color-coded indicator for OFF and ON indicators
– Trip-free mechanism
– Mounted on a standard 35mm DIN-rail
– Wire terminals accept multiple conductors
– UL 508 approved bus bars
– UL, NFPA 79, NEC, UL 1077 and CSA 22.2 No. 235
– IEC 60898 commercial/residential applications
– CE marked

L8 supplementary protectors are available with three different tripping characteristics.

Type B– Designed to protect conductors and low level signal devices such as PLCs. Trip is 3 to 5 times the rated current of the supplementary protector. The fast trip time of devices minimize damage to control circuit conductors from low-level faults.

Type C– Engineered for applications with moderate inrush currents such as lighting, control circuits and coils, computers and appliances. Trip is 5 to 10 times the rated current of supplementary protector. The higher instantaneous trip level prevents troubled tripping, and components being protected can typically withstand higher fault currents without being damaged.

Type D– Developed for applications with high inrush currents, such as; transformers, power supplies and heaters. Instantaneous trip is 10 to 20 times the rated current of the supplementary protector. The high instantaneous trip level prevents troubled tripping, and components being protected can withstand higher fault currents without being damaged.

L9 Series Miniature Circuit Breakers

The L9 line of circuit breakers are designed to provide a variety of product configurations, with current ratings of 0.5A to 40A with voltage ranges of 240V AC and 480Y/277V AC. The L9 series are DIN-rail mounted with a similar widths and current ranges of Sprecher + Schuh’s circuit breakers. Benefits provide listed branch circuit protection circuit breaker for US/Canada applications.

L9 Available Features:
– Add-on auxiliary and signal contacts
– Shunt trip modules
– Lock-off attachment
– Finger-safe IPX/2
– Color-coded OFF and ON indicators
– 35mm DIN-rail mount
– Easy installation
– UL489 listed, CSA 22.2 No. 5.1 approved
– IEC 60 947-2, HACR rating, SWD rating from 0.5 to 20A
– HID lights
– Advanced features and global approvals for the industrial equipment

The L9 series line are thermal magnetic (inverse time). These products offer a compact design and are used for control circuit applications where branch circuit approved circuit breakers are required. The use of these products are used for protection of PLC I/O, solenoids, power supplies and control transformers. The L9 circuit breakers for Branch Circuit protection are available in 1-pole, 2-pole or 3-pole construction and are rated 0.5 to 40A at 240VC AC and 0.5 to 32A at 480Y/277V AC for North America applications (UL 489 and CSA 22.2 No. 5.1). Products are rated 415V AC 0.5 to 40A for IEC applications.