Eaton Products

Adjustable Frequency Drive

Adjustable Frequency drives adjust motor’s speed to match output requirements. Products save on energy up to 10 to 50 percent. Eaton provides an extensive line of adjustable frequency drives for OEM applications. Adjustable Frequency drives fit the need for any industrial system providing reliability, efficiency and precise motor control. Drives are easy to install and feature compact designs to fit in tight places.

Eaton/Cutler-Hammer carries several different drives including; OEM, HVAC, Industrial and Low Harmonic & Clean Power Solutions. Each drive offers a diverse series to fit motor control provisions, for example; (NFX900 Drives, M-MAX Series, SVX9000 Drives, SPX9000 Drives, H-MAZ Series Drives, CFX9000 Drives, LCX9000 Drives, SPA9000/SPN9000/SPL9000 Common Bus Drive Products and numerous others for specific applications).Type your paragraph here.

Contactors, Starters & Protective Relays

Eaton offers a broad range of products from phase, voltage and current monitoring relays to motor protection breakers. Eaton has the protection for your system requirements against equipment failure and danger caused by voltage faults, current conditions or excessive load requirements. Eaton offers an extensive selection of contactors, starters and protective relays that applies to any of you project applications.

Integrated Power Assemblies

Eaton Integrated Power Assemblies (IPA) were created by grouping electrical distribution and control equipment into a modular building to meet a customer’s specific needs. This complete unit is placed on a strong durable concrete surface. IPA features a low cost installation process, minimal start-up time and customized design.


Photoelectric Sensors

The E51 Limit Switch Style Modular Photoelectric Sensors are available in thru-beam, reflex, polarized reflex, diffuse reflective and fiber optic sensing modes. These mode options can solve a variety of sensing applications. Modular components can be easy to maintain.  There are two different connector sensors, 2-wire sensors with AC/DC operation and 4-wire sensors in either AC OR DC styles. Connection options include terminal, mini-connector and a range of cable.

Inductive Proximity Sensors

High Performance Inductive Sensors E57 Premium Plus Series includes AC, AC/DC and DC, 12, 18 and 30 mm sensors with unmatched noise immunity of greater than 20V/meter. This product features a multiple range of sensor models and is built to withstand environmental and physical damage.

Capacitive Proximity Sensors

Capacitive Proximity sensors control the liquid level and sensing powdered or granulated materials. Sensors are self-contained and detect metallic and nonmetallic targets.

Conveyor Sensor System

The E68 Series Integral Conveyor Sensor System is a complete Zero Pressure Accumulation (ZPA) sensing and control solution. ZPA sensing prevents the problem of product damage, caused by mechanical sensor rollers on outdated ZPA conveyors. The Integral Sensor Valve (ISV) features all components needed including, sensors, air valves, pre-measured connectors, power supplies and accessories. All components provide conveyor control for dependable results. ISV sensors are available in polarized reflex and diffuse reflective sensing modes. Polarized sensors eliminate detection errors; where as diffuse reflective sensors are installed in low lift-height locations where it’s hard to mount polarized reflex sensor and reflector.

Timers & Relays

Eaton offers a wide range of timing relays, general purpose, Solid State, Safety, Terminal Block relays XR Series, NEMA Relays, Alternating Relays D85 Series Sensing Monitoring relays, Alternating, EZ Intelligent and Overload Relays. All relays and timers are customized for specific requirements for applications on specific project needs.

Medium Voltage Motor Control Assemblies

Eaton’s medium voltage starter family provides flexible designed and integrated, complete units matched precisely to motor ratings, and is engineered to provide component-to-components circuitry and front accessibility of all components and terminals. These starters are equipped with current limiting power fuses and the contactor fuses are coordinated. The AMPGUARD assemblies are used in several industrial design applications such as HVAC, petrochemical, pulp and paper.

Operator Interface Products

Operator Interface Products are easy to install, use, and modify. Most manufacturing environments are complex and require control products such as the operator interface.

PanelMate Operator Interface

This product is easy to install, easy to use, and modify. Most manufacturing environments are complex and require control products such as the PanelMate Operator Interface.

PanelMate Software

– PM 500 Allen Bradley
– PM 500 Cutler-Hammer
– PM 500 General Electric (GE)
– PM 500 Mitsubishi
– PM 500 Modicon
– PM 500 Omron

Power Breakers, Contactors & Fuses

Low Voltage Circuit Breakers enable solutions to meet and exceed the unique and wide range requirements for applications needed. This circuit breaker is designed for custom configuration and application flexibility, with the needs of power distribution equipment user and electrical equipment manufacture in mind.

Magnum DS Low Voltage Power Circuit Breakers are designed for the highest quality performance requirements of switchgear and specialty enclosure applications.

Magnum MDSL Current Limiting Power Circuit Breakers

Magnum SB Low Voltage Insulated Case Circuit Breakers are designed for performance and economic requirements of UL 891 switchboards.

Magnum IEC Rated Air Circuit Breakers are designed to enable global power distribution solutions in IEC switchboards and other custom enclosures.

Series NRX Low Voltage Power Circuit Breakers is suitable for UL 1558, UL 891, and IEC switchgear and switchboards.

Medium Voltage Circuit Breakers are structured for switchgear assemblies. They offer the latest in vacuum technology, providing superior control and protection of medium voltage power equipment in utility, industrial, commercial, mining and marine installations.

Medium Voltage Power Contactors

Eaton’s SL Medium Voltage Vacuum Contactors are designed to operate at voltages 2200-15000V, depending on the contactor type.

Fuses General

Eaton’s medium voltage fuses are manufactured and meet the C37-4X series requirements and are maintained regularly.

Expulsion Fuses

Eaton’s expulsion fuses use boric acid as the interrupting medium. Type DBU fuse units are designed for new and aftermarket utility applications. Fittings are available in indoor and outdoor versions, and mountings.

Current Limiting Fuses

A current limiting fuse is a fuse that, when its current responsive element is melted by a current within the fuse’s specified current limiting range, abruptly introduces a high resistance to reduce current magnitude and duration, resulting in subsequent current interruption.

Reduced Voltage Motor Starters

Solid-State Controllers

Type S701

The Type S701 solid-state controller device is a reduced soft starter which is designed to control acceleration and deceleration of three-phase motors. The S701 provides adjusting torque, ramp up and down time, and a select kick start for inertial loads. The S701 with auxiliary contact is a reduced voltage soft start controller designed to control acceleration and deceleration of three-phase motors. Component is designed to control external bypass to reduce heating and increase acceleration and deceleration times. The S701 provides adjusting torque, ramp up and down time, and a select kick start for inertia loads. The Type S701 with Brake is a soft start controller with DC injection brake is designed to control acceleration and deceleration of three-phase motors. Component is has an adjustable brake current from 0-50A DC. The ramp-up feature is adjustable from 0.5-10 seconds. The Torque adjustment is adjustable with or without break loose kick-start function.

Type S51
The S51, Semiconductor Reversing Contactor is designed to switch three-phase motors forward and reverse. Unicore electronics and thermal design ensures a high switching capacity and long life span.

Type DS6
The DS6 Soft Starter Controller is very compact, multi-functional, and easy to install. This solid-state soft start controller is designed to control acceleration and deceleration of three-phase motors and is available in current ranges 40-180 amperes.

Solid-State Starters

Type S801
The Type S801 is a reduced voltage soft starter that is very compact, multi-functional with an easy to install program. It is designed to control acceleration and deceleration of three-phase motors. Components are available in ranges 11A-1000A applications and suitable for mounting in motor control centers or in enclosed control (NEMA 1, 4, 4X and 12) applications.


Group-Mounted Switchboards

– Pow-R-Line Distribution Switchboards- combine a space-saving design with modular construction and increased system ratings to provide economical and dependable electrical system distribution.

– Commercial Metering Switchboards- provides an electrical system distribution and metering shopping centers, office buildings and other commercial multi-metering applications. Construction features switchboards incorporate metering sections with tenant feeder circuits using meter sockets to meet local utility or customer requirements.

Integrated Facility Switchboards

Mounted switchboard designed to integrate separate electrical distribution and control equipment into a single space-saving factory assembled and connected package. The service entrance equipment can be integrated with multiple lighting and appliance branch panelboards into a compact front-accessible group-mounted switchboard. The switchboard is designed to reduce equipment space, installation time and costs.

Compartmentalized Switchboards

Compartmentalized Switchboards are engineered for applications with a greater degree of safety. A wide variety of configurations is possible, including utility metering, main devices, branch devices, accessories and enclosures.

Instant Service Switchboards

Instant Service Switchboards are designed for utility metering provisions with a fused main switch in a single compact section that can include distribution panel for feeder and branch circuit breakers.

Roll-Up Generator Termination Box

Eaton’s roll-up generator termination boxes (RUGTB) are designed as an intermediate termination cabinet between temporary, portable roll-up generator and the facility being served. Component includes line terminations for temporary connections of the portable generator and permanent connections on the load side to the secondary disconnect in the facility, which is interlocked with the main over-current to insure that only one main generator can be energized all at one time.

Multipoint Tenant Submetering

PRC7000-Tenant Submetering combines the PRC7000, the IQ Multipoint Energy Submeter II and Integrated Facility System (IFS) to provide a space-saving, lower cost, energy efficient tabulation system for commercial metering installations.


NEMA TP-1 Energy-Efficient Transformers

Energy-efficient transformers are specifically designed to meet the energy efficiency standards set forth in NEMA Standards.

– Ventilated, NEMA 2 enclosure standard
– Indoor and outdoor application use
– Upright mounting (only)
– Available in single-phase ratings 15-167 KVA, 600V primary (DS-3)
– Available in three-phase ratings 15-1500 kVA and 600V primary (DT-3)

NEMA Premium and E3 Super Efficient Transformers

Energy-efficient transformers are specifically designed to meet the energy efficiency standards set forth in NEMA Standards.

– Ventilated, NEMA 2 enclosure standard
– Indoor and outdoor application use
– Upright mounting (only)
– Available in single-phase ratings 15-167 KVA, 600V primary (DS-3)
– Available in three-phase ratings 15-1500 kVA and 600V primary (DT-3)

Energy-Efficient Harmonic Mitigating Transformers

Providing clean, energy-efficient electricity to power loads and are cost-efficient in the electrical distribution system. These transformers reduce harmonic content in electrical systems can result in a more reliable electrical system, lower maintenance costs, less downtime, fewer equipment malfunctions, and lower cooling system capacity. Components are available in a variety of phase-shift configurations that allow for flexibility to target specific families of harmonics.

General-Purpose Encapsulated Transformers

Typical transformer loads include lighting, heating, air conditioners, fans and machine tools. Loads are found in locations such as commercial, institutional and industrial structures. Applications are suitable for indoor and outdoor use and have an encapsulated design. Transformers are totally enclosed and a non-ventilated enclosure. (NEMA 3R rated)

Motor Drive Isolation Transformers

Drive Isolation drives are designed for use with AC/DC adjustable speed drives.

Mini-Power Centers

Type 3R enclosure is a main breaker, an encapsulated single-phase (Type EP) or three-phase (EPT) dry-type transformer, and secondary distribution load-center with main breaker.

Totally Enclosed Non-Ventilated Transformers

For special application for adverse atmospheric conditions it’s desirable to use a dry-type non-ventilated transformer vs. the ventilated standard unit which has openings in its enclosure to allow air to flow directly over the core coil.

Class I, Division 2, Groups C and D Transformers

Type EPZ and EPTZ are designed for installation procedures rated under 600V nominal operation.

– Encapsulated design
– Indoor and Outdoor use
– Totally enclosed, non-ventilated enclosures

Open-Type Core and Coil Assembly Transformers

Typical transformer loads include lighting, heating, air conditioners, fans and machine tools. Loads are found in locations such as commercial, institutional and industrial structures.

Marine Duty Transformers

Typical transformer loads include lighting, heating, air conditioners, fans and machine tools. Loads are found in locations such as commercial, institutional and industrial structures.

– Encapsulated design
– Indoor and Outdoor use
– Totally enclosed, non-ventilated enclosures

Buck-Boost and Low Voltage Lighting Transformers

Used to provide economical method of correcting a lower or higher voltage rating. This method is more suitable for efficient operation of electrical equipment. Type EP buck-boost transformers are small kVA single-phase transformers with dual primary and dual secondary windings, and are usually connected as autotransformers by using one unit for single-phase applications and 2 or 3 units banked for three-phase operation. These components are usually used for motor operation and are suited for low voltage lighting systems, such as outdoor lighting.

– Encapsulated design
– Indoor and Outdoor use
– Totally enclosed, non-ventilated enclosures
– NEMA 3R rated Enclosures

Medium Voltage Distribution Transformers

– Ventilated, Standard NEMA 3R enclosure
– Indoor or Outdoor application use
– Upright mounting only

Industrial Control Transformers

Transformers provide stepped-down voltages to machine tool control devices, enabling control circuits to be isolated from all power and lighting circuits. The control transformer line is adaptable for compact construction applications.

– Type MTE
– Type MTK
– CE Marked
– Type AP

Circuit Breakers

Eaton’s circuit breakers and circuit protection products can be reused for convenience and consistence. When compared to with any other standard fuse that must be replaced, it saves on time and complications. Circuit breakers are used in place of fuses for the protection of complicated power circuits.

There are three types of circuit breakers that exist; Reset type, mechanical and automatic resetting type. Circuit breakers are usually placed inside relay fuse boxes, but can also be built in for components like power window motors. Circuit Protection is used to protect wires and connectors from being damaged from excess current flow caused by an over current or short-circuit. Circuit protection devices are available in a variety or types and specific current ratings.

Counters, Panel Meters, Tachometers & Timers


Totalizers is one of Eaton’s most common type of counter, it includes mechanical totalizers, electromechanical and electronic totalizers. Totalizers can be used in a wide selection of applications where correct totals are applied to necessary areas. Most totalizers are highly efficient, reliable and durable. Each totalizer can offers specific needs to perform a mechanical function. Count Control and Preset Counter products provide output signals at preset count values, in which Eaton offers a variety of sizes, display types and feature sets. Tachometers and Ratemeters are standard features on totalizers and count control products to monitor and control speed during a process.

Digital Panel Meters

Digital Panel Meters (DPM) are available for a problem during an application. DPM monitors voltage, current, pressure, volume, temperature frequency and other parameters during process.  DPM can accommodate to panel builder’s needs making the process quick and easy.

Timers and Hour Meters

Timers and Hour Meters are used to determine how long a machine has been running in order to schedule a start or stopping point during the process. Timers help make the process more efficient, reliable and safe. Timers and hour meters offer many effective functions and features, and have a variety of power options available for specific process.


Eaton /Cutler-Hammer’s Switches and Disconnects are used when circuit protection, control and safety are needed. Switches and disconnects may be horsepower rated, and suitable for the use on many applications. Switches are designed for safety and protection for enclosed circuit breakers, rotary disconnects, safe switching, custom built heavy duty applications and several other applications that may be needed to apply to a customer project.


Medium Voltage

Eaton’s  VCP-W metal-clad switchgear with type VCP-W vacuum breakers provides fundamental control and protection for medium voltage power equipment and circuits. Component involves industrial, commercial and utility instillations with generators, motors, feeder circuits, transmission and distribution lines. VCP-W can be assembled to meet customers’ needs and reach all application requirements.

Low Voltage

Switchgear is utilized in the protection controlling and monitoring low voltage distribution systems. DSII Switchgear is an assembly of metal enclosures in which house power circuit breakers and controls relays, instruments and meters.

Metering Devices, Protective Relays & Communications

Eaton’s metering products provide solutions needed to monitor and manage all aspects of an electrical distribution.

IQ 300’s is a multi-function meter desired in switchboards mains and feeders, panelboards, motor control centers, and switchgear (low and high voltage). Easily programmed with display and keypad; all measurements may be viewed from local display. Protective Relays provide you with microprocessor-based devices. This device isolates all faults, protects motors and breakers and eliminates trips.


Eaton is the industry leader in panelboards, they are ideal for system upgrades in commercial and industrial facilities. Panelboards provide ratings, features, and performance that meets the needs of consultants and contractors.

EZ Box and EZ Trim

Eaton’s EZ™ Box and EZ™ Trim have been designed for safer, faster, and more secure installations. The EZ Box and EZ Trim are standard for Pow-R-Line 1a, 2a, and 3a mid-range panelboards.

Pow-R-Line C Panelboards

The Power-R-Line C Panelboards are designed for sequence phase connections of branch circuit devices. Allowing circuit arrangements to be more flexible and balanced for the electrical loads on each phase.

Elevator Control Panelboard

Eaton’s elevator control panelboards are designed to meet multiple building codes. These codes are to provide safety, and fire protection within elevator shafts.


Eaton’s Pow-R-Command Panelboards are designed to meet lighting control needs for buildings of all sizes and complexity. The panelboard design allows the Pow-R-Command lighting control system to meet short-circuit ratings, as required by the NEC. The Pow-R-Command branch wiring, power wiring, and panelboard mounting are the same as in traditional panelboards.

Metering Service Sections

Metering Service Sections are three-phase three wire single-phase three-wire. These applications are designed for areas where the disconnect and current transformer combination is required by utilities. Components are suitable for Service Entrance Equipment, with top to bottom entrance.

Power Conditioners, Power Factor Capacitors & Harmonic Filters

Surge Protective Devices (SPD)

SPD series protective devices are most advanced UL 1449 3rd edition certified surge protectors. These units are integrated within electrical assemblies, including panelboards, switchboards, motor control centers, switchgear, automatic transfer switches and bus plugs.

Power Conditioning Products

Power Conditioning Products offer all power conditioning challenges. The EVR electronic Voltage Regulator is designed to keep equipment up and running during brownouts, undervoltage conditions and other power problems.

Power Factor Corrective Capacitors

Power factor correction capacitors and harmonic filters are an essential part of modern electric power systems. Components are designed for minimizing energy losses and correcting load power factor.


Toggle Switches-E10

Toggle Switches are intended for general purpose light industrial use and for retrofit and OEM applications. The E-10 switches have various circuit functions that include maintained and momentary.

Environmentally Sealed Toggle Switches-E10E

Designed for general purpose and OEM applications and provides a high IP68 rating for demanding environments. Toggle switches are environmentally sealed to prevent dust, moisture and other contaminants from corroding components.

Pushbutton Control Stations-Assembled

Pushbutton control stations are available in:
– M22 Series
– 10250T Series
– 10250H Series (Heavy Duty)
– 10250T Series (Heavy-Duty 30.5 mm)
– E34 Series

22.5 mm Modular Pushbuttons-M22

The M-22 series operators are impact resistant for base mounting contact blocks and light units for quick wiring and are vibrating resistant.

30.5 mm Square Multifunction Watertight/Oiltight-E30

The E30 industrial pushbutton and indicating lights features a wide selection of square, multifunction operators in a standard 30.5 mm (1-13/64 in) diameter panel hole. These components are designed on control consoles and for a variety of industrial OEM applications.

30.5 mm Heavy-Duty Watertight/Oiltight-10250T

This pushbutton line features a heavy-duty zinc die cast construction with chrome-plated housing and mounting nut. Construction of component is durable and corrosive resistant.

30.5 Corrosion Resistant Watertight/Oiltight-E34

The E34 Series 30.5 mm pushbutton line features rugged die cast construction with 100% solid thermosetting cathodic epoxy coating. Coating provides a flat black smooth, consistent, corrosion resistant surface.

30.5 mm Watertight/Oiltight-HT800

The HT800 Series is part of the electrical sector family of 30.5 mm pushbutton devices. These devices include momentary, illuminated and mushroom head pushbuttons, selector switching, selector switches, indicating lights and push-pull switches. The HT800 devices are suitable for replacement of several other manufactures 30.5 mm pushbutton devices.

30.5 mm Class I Division 2 Hazardous Locations-10250T/E34

The 10250T1H consists of open-normally closed factory sealed contact block that is UL listed for use in Class I, Division 2, Groups B, C and D (NEC 500-503) Class I, Zone 2, IIB + H2 (NEC 505). Components designed for hazardous locations and is rated for NEMA A600 and NEMA Q300. 10250T and E34 illuminated components are also UL Listed for use in Class I, Division 2, Groups B, C and D (NEC 500-503)-Class I, Zone 2, IIB + H2 (NEC 505). This series is corrosion resistant and features a heavy-duty zinc-die cast constructions.


Terminal Blocks, Fuse Blocks and Fuse Holders

IEC-XB Series

The XB Series offers a complete terminal block system with a universal range of accessories. The terminal block is designed for a variety of terminal block types together or individually, providing the highest degree of flexibility.


C381 Series Terminal Blocks and Rail Mountings
– 600V
– Snap-Fit nylon
– Control circuit blocks
– Power circuit blocks
– Fuse blocks
– Switch blocks

TB Series Terminal Blocks/Modular

TBA and TBD modular terminal blocks are designed to conserve space, while allowing maximum flexibility. Terminal blocks are available in 1-3-pole circuits and designed is based on 5/8 in (15.9 mm) modules.

Power Distribution

The CHDB Series of Power Distribution Blocks are designed for high short circuit current rating (SCCR) applications up to 200,000. Assembly meets UL 1953 requirements for feeder circuits, UL 508A industrial control panels, and provide significant wiring flexibility. Component is designed in a three-pole open style and single-pole enclosed style with a variety of terminal arrangements and current-carry capability up to 570 amperes.

Fuse Blocks and Fuse Holders

Available in compact (C383) style and open (C350) design. Fuse blocks and fuse holders provide a simple DIN mounting device for protection in control circuits.

C 383 Series Disconnect Fuse Holders

Offers a 600V fused circuit protection and subsequently “no load” switching. These Compact disconnects are designed as components in switchboards, panels and control consoles where positive and safe circuit protection is required and where space is at a premium.

C350 Series Fuse Blocks and W Series Fuse Holders

– Space-saving Fuse Blocks
– UL approved for motor loads Fuse Blocks
– 600V, 30A rated Fuse Blocks
– Class H,M and R Fuse Holders