Hammond Power Solutions

Specialty Transformers

Auto Transformers

HPS general purpose auto transformers are available for small voltage correction within a distribution system. Auto transformers are designed to adjust the supply voltage to match specific load requirements when load isolation from the supply line is not required. These components are used as an economical alternative.

Buck-Boost Transformers

Buck-Boost transformers are an economical way to supply voltage caused by line drop or equipment demand on the distribution system, or lower voltage caused by increased system voltages due to supply line adjustments. Some loads can include lighting and resistive loads. These loads require a stable supply to sustain performance. Equipment failure may occur if damage to supply line voltage occurs, therefore buck-boost transformers cane correct line voltage within 5 to 25% of nominal.  Buck-boost transformers are inexpensive, lighter in weight, more efficient and can be used in a variety of applications.

Drive Isolation Transformers

HPS Isolation transformers are designed to reach the demands of AC and DC variable speed drives and provide voltage change requirements. The SCR load and the incoming line consume primary and secondary winding electrical isolations. The Drive Isolation Transformers are sized to match standard motor horsepower and voltage ratings. Sizes range from 5 to 600 HP in six standard voltages.

Encapsulated Transformers

Encapsulated Transformers for Hazardous Locations-Fortress

HPS Fortress features an innovative design that provides the best solution for commercial applications.  Units are encapsulated with electrical grade silica sand and resin compounds.  Units enclose the core and coil, which seal out moisture, airborne contaminants and eliminates corrosion and deterioration.  Applications offer high quality design, easy installation and low cost.

Encapsulated Transformers for Hazardous Locations-Titan

HPS Titan encapsulated transformers is a line that has been designed for installation where safety is key, efficiency is very important and a concern to the environment, location and application is a priority. The HPS Titan line serves institutional, industrial, petrochemical, marine, mining etc. Designs include safe performance, compact and efficient design, and easy installation hook-up.

Medium Voltage Transformers

Energy Efficient Medium Voltage Distribution Transformers-Millennium

HPS Millennium Energy Efficient Medium Voltage Distribution Transformers are designed for utilizing high voltages for commercial, institutional, or industrial applications. HPS Millennium is rated for 601V and up. NEMA 3R ventilated component is constructed for indoor and outdoor use.

Dry-Type Medium Voltage Distribution Power Transformers-HPWR

HPS Dry-Type Medium Voltage (Power HPWR) Transformers are designed for higher levels of quality ensured service and reliable HPS transformer products. HPS Dry-Type transformers are engineered for a variety of economical conditions, inside or outside applications. HPS Dry-Type transformers are also built for drilling platforms, in network vaults and in every location where airborne containments create a risk to electrical equipment.

Motor Starting Autotransformers

Three Phase Motor Starting Autotransformers are significant components of a motor controllers and protect against over voltages and under voltages. A standard full-voltage magnetic starter places a full voltage across the motor’s windings on startup and maintain full voltage at the motor during the run mode.  For larger motors where loads are connected effects of motor-starting inrush can stress the electrical system which can cause the system to lower currents within the distribution network. This may cause disruption or damage to the system, in which reduce voltage starting must be applied. The 2A and 3A product line is designed for Medium Duty service including applications for drive loads such as pumps, compressors, conveyors and fans. These units are produced in accordance with NEMA Industrial Controls and Systems.

Line Reactors

Hammond Line reactors are produced to for designers dealing with non-linear wave shapes generated by solid-state devices. A Hammond line reactor can enhance performance, life expectancy and efficiency for motors and drives. HPS line reactors can withstand current under short circuit conditions to reduce severe damage to electronic equipment.

Hammond Line reactors limit inrush currents to the rectifier in drives, reducing waveform that is rounded and harmonic to minimize distortion. Adding reactor controls to current components and voltage harmonic distortion can be reduced 30%. HPS has an extensive line of drive isolation transformers for line isolation to limit short circuit current and step down voltages. The quality of a line reactor is to perform a dependent and reliable performance to withstand harmonics and transients in a difficult environment.

Control Transformers

Control Transformers are isolated transformers designed to provide a high degree of secondary voltage stability during an inrush current.  The device is used to lower voltages, which then is used to operate the control or switching components of the main circuit. Control Transformers are also known as Machine Tool Transformers, Industrial Control Transformers or Control Power Transformers.

Enclosed Q Series Encapsulated Control Transformers

HPS Fusion General Purpose Enclosed Transformer are suitable for HVAC applications, signal and alarm systems, motor control circuits, lighting, circuit isolation, general purpose, industrial and light duty loads. They are designed for indoor use and offer a reliable and efficient, economical solution.

A Single Phased Enclosed Encapsulated Control Transformer (Q Series) is applicable for indoor and outdoor use. Generally applied to enclosed control applications and used to adjust supply voltages that match a specific load requirement. Encapsulated transformer supplies machine tool circuits, actuating relays, bells, signals and alarm systems. This component operates small motors, valves and dampers, industrial lighting and circuit isolation.

Industrial Open Core and Coil Transformers-Fusion Series

The HPS fusion general purpose enclosed transformer is designed for indoor applications and offer a reliable, efficient economical solution for specific applications. These units are applicable for HVAC, signals, alarm systems, motor control circuits, lighting and circuit isolations. The Fusion control transformer is an enclosed unit with modeled terminal blocks up to 3000VA or 30 amps, or coil face termination.

Industrial Open Core and Coil Transformers-Spartan Series

The HPS Spartan line of industrial control transformers are used for general purpose, industrial and light duty load applications. Designed for HVAC applications, signal and alarm systems, motor control circuits, lighting, and circuit isolation. This component is a good source for economical purposes.

Machine Tool Industrial Control Transformers-Imperator Series

The HPS Imperator line is designed to meet high inrush industrial applications, where electromagnetic components such as relays, solenoids and other components are used. The design utilizes insulation systems and being engineered with high quality silicon steel laminations for a most selective performance. The HPS Imperator provides a great solution for any industrial application.

Medium Voltage Industrial Control Transformers-MVC Series

MVC series transformers are designed for industrial control applications used to adjust a medium voltage supply of 2400V to 7200V to provide a low voltage of 120/240V load requirement.

Low Voltage Transformers

Energy Efficient Low Voltage Distribution Transformers-Centurion

HPS Centurion Energy Efficient, Harmonic Mitigating Transformers are K rated. Harmonic mitigating transformers are conventional that reduce voltage distortion and power losses from current harmonics created by single-phase, non-linear loads such as computer equipment. The Centurion Series is engineered to prevent flat-topping caused by linear loads, reduce upstream harmonic currents, save energy by reducing harmonic losses and improve Upstream Total Power Factor etc.

Energy Efficient Low Voltage Distribution Transformers-Sentinel

The Sentinel Energy Efficient Low Voltage Distribution Transformer is designed for 600V and below. Component is used for supplying appliance, lighting, heating, motorized machine and power loads from electrical distribution systems.  All standard energy efficient distribution transformers for non-linear loads have to be derated for additional heat which can be due to harmonic losses.

Energy Efficient Low Voltage Distribution Transformers-Synergy

Energy Efficient K-Factor Transformers are engineered to handle heating due to harmonics associated with non-linear loads. Harmonics can indicate non- linear loads from overheating, device malfunctions, telephone interference, equipment vibration, and breakers tripping. The K-rated transformer is designed to prevent failure from overheating, a 200% rated neutral and full electrostatic shield. K-factor is used to recognize transformers for non-linear loads.