GE Products

Circuit Breakers

E-2000 Mini

(MCB) offers overload and short circuit protection.  The E 2000 line provides two levels of interruption capacities, 6 kAIC and 10 kAIC, at 480 Y/277. These circuit breakers are small, modular and flexible. The E 2000 are DIN rail mounted in 1-4 pole construction.

– Dual AC & DC Ratings
– 6 kAIC & 10 kAIC Interruption Ratings @ 480Y/277 Vac
– C & D Trip Characteristics from 0.5 to 63 A
– B Trip Characteristics from 5 to 63 A
– Standard North American 5, 15, 30 & 60 A Ratings
– Left & Right Side Accessory Mounting – Up to 4 per Side
– 35mm DIN-rail Mounting
– UL Recognized & CSA Approved


Amp Frame Overview
1. Breaker Frame Rating
2. Product Description
3. Standards & Markings
4. Interrupting Ratings
5. Lug Data & Torque Info
6. Catalog Number
7.  Push to Trip

Main Standards
– UL 489
– IEC 947 and associated EN Sections

Other Global Standards
– BS
– CE

High Speed

These single-pole breakers are suitable for protection of mains and semiconductors (converters/rectifiers) in a variety of railway and industrial applications. The feeder and rectifier breakers come with operating currents up to 8,000ADC and operating voltages up to 3,600VDC.
All comply with IEC 947-2 and ANSI C37.14.

E-2000 Mini

(MCB) offers overload and short circuit protection.  The E 2000 line provides two levels of interruption capacities, 6 kAIC and 10 kAIC, at 480 Y/277. These circuit breakers are small, modular and flexible. The E 2000 are DIN rail mounted in 1-4 pole construction.

Typical applications include:
– Traction power (light rail transit, tram, subway, maglev, etc.)
– Industrial plant protection (electrolysis plants, iron and steel mills, etc.)
– Mining
– Chemical, Petrochemical
– Power Generation
– Rsearch/experimental (e.g., physics, particle accelerator protection)

Low Voltage

EntelliGuard G is GE’s newest line of low voltage circuit breakers. This line of circuit breakers are available to OEMs in 3-and 4-pole designs from 400A(IEC) with fault interruption ratings up to 150kA. Circuit breakers protect local, and remote monitoring, relaying and communications. EntelliGuard Trip Units are designed to supply communications for Modbus or Profibus protocols. The breaker-trip provides circuit protection without arc flash protection.  EntelliGuard G 3-pole breakers are the standard in GE AKD-20 Low Voltage Switchgear. EntelliGuard G devices are available in standard, 100% rated, ANSI, UL and IEC ratings. Components come in 4 different 4 pole designs and can be operated electrically or manually.

Molded Case Circuit Breakers

Molded Case Circuit Breakers are used to provide reliable circuit protection within switchboards, motor control centers and lighting applications. For protection during a short circuit or overload Molded Case Circuit Breakers will shut down to avoid breaker trips, opening the circuit and protecting the conductors. When normal conditions are acting properly in the system, the breaker can be closed and switched on again.

Power/Vac 27Kv & Power/Vac 28kV

Power/Vac switch gear is designed meet ANSI,IEEE and NEMA standards.  Power/Vac is assembled to meet a variety of protection and switching applications. Power/Vac serves many functional units such as, incoming line, radial feeders, feeder bypass, bus-tie, bus-entrance and auxiliary units.  Power/Vac is low on maintenance, non-polluting, environmentally friendly and slow load currents after loss of vacuum. The Power/Vac is a reliable interrupter, hi-technology devices that provides a 3 or 5 cycle power switching and long service life.


The AF-600 FP drive is designed to optimize a range of variable torque applications, including fans, compressors and pumps.  The AF-650 GP is designed for control mixers and material handling applications, that provides vector modes for demanding torque applications (advance, sensorless and closed loop). AF-650 maintains a stable and reliable rock-solid aluminum base for harsh environments. The AF-60 LP is built for small motor control and features self protection, 150 % current overload at 1 minute, flying start, accurate stopping functions, electronic thermal overload, easy PC software, and potentiometer on each keypad.

Relays & Timers

Multivoltage Electronic Timers

Protective Relays


– Electronic Timers & Protective Relays-IEC provides 12 different output functions and multiple timing ranges. These units have several different applications that include OEM panels, Industrial Control Circuits and Commercial applications. ASIC controls precise repeatability. GE’s Protective Relays provides complete protection for motor and power distribution applications. Relays feature wide adjustment ranges with an easy to read scale and positive fault is detected through LED indicators.
– CR420 General Purpose Plug-In relays and sockets offer several different applications including industrial equipment, machine tool, HVAC, lighting, vending, commercial appliance and elevators. All relays are AC or DC coils, plug-in or direct flange mounting and several other options.
– C-2000 Relays offer contact arrangements, coil voltages and accessories for better design versatility. These components feature flexible configurations, easy installation, lower inventory requirements, and use of better panel space.


– CR120 Industrial Control relays includes two-through 12-pole configurations for applications up to 600 volts and comprises mechanical latched, self-checking, solid-state or pneumatic timing options. These relays are designed  with AC and DC coils and maximum 12 poles.
– CR2790E/CR2810A/CR120E General Purpose relays are small relays designed for control-circuit applications.(CR2790E Series)

– Machine Tool Relays are multi-circuit AC control relays that are used on machine-tool panels due to long mechanical life and 600-volt rating. (CR2810A)
– General Purpose Relays protect fractional-horsepower motors and other power devices such as horns, buzzers, lights, electronic equipment, solenoids, and valves in industrial and commercial applications.(CR120E Series)

Contactors & Starters


Contactors perform electrically operated single phase or three phase. Power switched that are joined with the appropriate overload relay, function as a full voltage non-reversing motor starter. Contactor lines include 4-pole contactors in two versions: 4NO from 25A TO 650A as a maximum current rating AC-1, and 2NO-2NC from 7.5hp to 50hp @ 460V. Contactors are user friendly and provide connections for powers on both side of the contactor. GE contactors offers a full range of contactors for NEMA, IEC and Lighting applications. Contactors can be used for a variety of industrial equipment including: air conditioning, heating, refrigeration, food processing, agricultural and several other applications.


GE has an extensive line of motor starters which include:

– Definite Purpose Controls
 – CR454/CR354 Starters are used for Industrial equipment that include, air conditioning, heating, refrigeration, food processing, agricultural and several different applications.

– Solid-State Reduced Voltage

 – ASTAT XT Soft Starter is designed to perform reliably for standard AC motors which controls motor acceleration and deceleration, and reduces any damage or wear and tear on motors.
 – ASTAT XT Enclosed Soft Starter Panel designed to perform reliably for standard AC motors which control motor acceleration and deceleration. This component provides high performance torque and pump control and generator supply operations. The ASTAT XT’s helps reduce mechanical shock and peak power demands, which can help extend motor life. Applications may include, belted equipment, conveyors, fans and blowers, pumps and compressors.
 – ASTAT XT Solid State Reduced Voltage is designed for enclosed installations where air movement is not possible. This component performs for voltage ramps, kick-starts, current limiting, energy savings, thermistor inputs, soft stops, pump controls, DC injection breaking, communications, jog/slow speed and tachometer feedbacks.


– Surion Manual Motor Starter applications include, individual, group, or combination installations. Surion Manual Motor Starters are rated by UL as a manual self-protected combination controller (TYPE E).  These applications provide short circuit protection for use of motors.
– C-2000 Starter offers an extensive line of contactors, overload relays, enclosures, control transformers and pilot device to serve an application needed. These components feature easy installation, flexible configuration and better use of panel space.


 CR330/CR331/CR332 Electro-Mechanical Reduced Voltage Starters features NEMA ratings, closed transitions, full range of sizes, open transitions, three-phase autotransformer, pneumatic industrial grade timers, and include combination starter forms for complete protection.
  – CR340/CR341 Full Voltage Pumping Panels are designed for outdoor installation that provides full-voltage control of squirrel-cage pump motors. Overload undervoltage and short-circuit protection is provided for full voltage pumping panels. These panels control motor driven pumps on a single system and automatically alternate motor operation under normal demand.
  – 300-Line Full Voltage Starters is NEMA rated and offers a complete full voltage non- reversing and multi-speed contactors and motor starters.
  – CR101/CR1062 Manual Full Voltage Starter manual motor starters provide reliable starting and overload protection for single-phase motor horsepower at (115 or 230 Volts). NEMA rated manual starters are designed for infrequent starting of a single-phase and polyphase motor up to 10 HP and are used for direct operation.

Pushbuttons & Pilot Devices

Push Buttons

– Hot Buttons
– Non-Illuminated Push Buttons
– Illuminated Push Buttons
– Non-Illuminated Selector Switches
– Illuminated Selector Switches
– Pilot Lights

Pilot Devices

– C-2000 IEC Pilot Devices
 – The C-2000 22mm push button line offers interchangeable components that snap together, to reduce inventory requirements, simplify assembly and increase flexibility. The C-2000 line has double-wiping contacts that are enclosed in ultrasonically welded housings. This helps produce a longer life expectancy and contact fidelity.

– CR104P NEMA Pilot Devices

 – The CR104P 30mm is a heavy duty oiltight and watertight line has several accessories and enclosures. This line features greater torque, easy assembly and suitable for use in NEMA type 1,3,3R,4,4X,12 and 13 applications.


Dry Type Vented

– Ultra Efficient (CSL-3) energy efficient transformer.
– Ultra Efficient (CSL-3) K-Factor energy efficient transformer.
– General Purpose (QL Type) transformer meets NEMA TP-1 efficiency standards.
 K-Factor unit is designed to measure a transformers ability to withstand harmonics content of a system .
– A Low Noise transformer reduces noise levels and the vibrations within the magnetic steel core have been reduced, when lowering the humming of the transformer to 3dB to 5dB less than NEMA/ANSI standards.
– Guard I noise isolation transformers provide noise attenuation and transverse mode noise reduction. Guard II noise Isolation transformers provide noise reduction and enhanced levels of transverse mode attenuation for increased protection of sensitive electronic equipment.

– Guard III Harmonic Mitigating power supplies change AC to DC current for plant floor equipment, computers, copies, copiers, electronic ballasts and generate harmonics that create current waveform. This component helps eliminated harmonic currents and minimize these types of problems, by canceling harmonic currents.

– Service Center Integral Transformer and Distribution Panel have three quality products transformer, distribution panel and circuit breakers. Which  is used for temporary or permanent installations are available in single-25kVA and three-phase 15-30 kVA.

– A Drive Isolation Transformer (DIT) is designed to handle mechanical stress, voltage distortions and harmonics associated with SCR applications. These features help protect the transformers from the regenerated duty and more frequent short circuits associated with SCR’s. DIT also helps reduce and filter electrical noise caused by SCR’s.

Dry Type Non-Vented

– Totally Enclosed, Non-Ventilated (TENV) transformers are recommended for applications where dry-type transformers can benefit from standard enclosure openings are unacceptable, because of adverse atmospheric conditions. TENV is UL listed through 75kVA for indoor or protected outdoor applications.

Dry Type, Encapsulated, Enclosed

– Single-Phase: .050kVA-3kVA and 5kVA-15kVA- These GE transformer feature encapsulated core and coils in a NEMA 3R non-ventilated weatherproof enclosure.
– Three-Phase: 3-15kVA-The GE QMS3 transformer features encapsulated core and coils in a NEMA 3R non-ventilated weatherproof enclosure.
– Buck Boost transformers are convenient an inexpensive method for coupling line voltage with equipment voltage. Primary voltages are 120V, 240V, 480V and secondary voltages are 12V, 16V, 24V, 32V, 48V.

Dry Type, Encapsulated Core & Coil

– Machine Tool Core & Coil Transformers (Type IP). Component is used to provide voltage to control devices in applications where regulation and minimum space is very important.
– Control Power Core & Coil (Type IP) Transformer is encapsulated to provide the highest quality of electrical performance.


– Current, Indoor and Outdoor transformers are for metering and relaying applications and are UL recognized.
– Voltage, Indoor and Outdoor transformers are for metering and are encapsulated in a polyurethane resin and are UL recognized.

Control Power

– Control Power Transformers provide medium voltage switchgears.

Bushing Potential Device

– KA-108 Bushing Potential Device is a safe and reliable transforming component for the operation of instruments and relays from high voltage circuits, 115kV and above.

Secondary Substation

– Liquid Filled transformer are designed for industrial and commercial applications such as chemical, cement, manufacturing plants, paper or steel mills, school, hospitals or office buildings.
– Ventilated Dry-Type transformers are designed for indoor or outdoor applications in schools, hospitals, industrial plants, commercial buildings and in places where power is considered.