Casino Rich – Welcome Bonus for new players

Casino Rich offers a new player who registers a new gaming account, a deposit bonus of up to €100 and 100 free spins on it. The first deposit bonus is given on the first deposit and is a 100% deposit bonus up to 100 euros. In other words, Casino Rich doubles your first deposit. The minimum deposit for this 100% bonus is €20. 

You can play free spins on the legendary Starburst slot at Casino Rich. This NetEnt space slot is an absolute classic of online slots. It is an unbeatable slot with three lines, five reels and 10 paylines, with shiny gems forming patterns on several paylines, and which lacks momentum, beautiful graphics and excitement. You get these 100 free spins right after you make a deposit, and you’ll need to unwind them in a couple of days. The maximum win for the free spins is 100 euros and the wager requirement is 50x.

Promotions and fun at Casino Rich

In addition to double free spins and a welcome first deposit, offers four different active promotions per week. Players are promised extra bonuses every Monday, Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday. 

On Mondays, there is a promotion called “Fire Sevens,” which offers a deposit bonus of 77% up to 100 euros to celebrate the beginning of the week. The minimum deposit for the use of fire protection is 30 euros.

A 30% cashback is available on Tuesdays – or mostly Wednesdays. The thing is, if the games go wrong on Tuesday, you’ll get a 30% cashback, which is the Wednesday cashback. In order for Wednesday’s cashback to be activated, the player must make a deposit of at least €20 on Tuesday, and must also come with a jacket worth at least €20 in order to receive the cashback. In fact, after a winning day, the cashback isn’t even needed because it’s more of a consolation rebate.

Happiness classes are available on Saturdays, during which you get a deposit of at least 30 euros for 30 free spins on the side. There could be dozens of such deposit situations, spiced up with free spins throughout the day. Hourly free spins can be played on the following slots: Lucky Blue, West Town, Fire Lightning, Lucky Sweets, Platinum Lightning Deluxe, Aztec Magic Deluxe, Fantasy Park, Book Of Pyramids and Brave Viking.

There’s also a cashback bonus on Sundays, the amount of which increases as you play more.

Casino Rich VIP Program

Casino Rich has put together a very generous VIP program for its patrons. You can choose the type of VIP program you want: there’s a VIP that specializes in cashback, a VIP that combines cashback and compensation points, and a VIP that offers free spins. And it’s up to you to decide which of these VIP programs you want to join. The VIP programs are called Tornado, Lightning and Storm. Of these, Casino Rich offers different cashback percentages depending on your betting level. At the lowest level you get a cashback of 8%, and at the highest level, which is level seven, you get up to 22%. 

Lightning offers both cashback and compensation points. There are a total of nine levels in the program, each of which gives you compensation points and cashback. The amount of cacheback ranges from 5% at the top tier to 25% at the top tier. 

The Storm VIP program, on the other hand, gives free spins to those who want them. With deposits of €20 and €100 at the first level, you get 10 or 50 free spins once a week. At the waiting level, you already get a deposit of €20 for 20 free spins and a deposit of €100 for 100 free spins, and these offers come to you every day of the week, that is seven times a week. So you can get up to 700 free spins a week in this Storm program